How To Plan A Sustainable Event

Creating a more sustainable event or festival should be the goal of every event organizer and festival coordinator. 

The most common definition of a sustainable event or festival is one that aims to have a minimal impact on the environment where it is held.

“How To Plan A Sustainable Event” details many ways this can be done.

It doesn’t matter the size, or type of venue the event or festival will be held at, there are a many ways to make any event or festival more Eco-friendly and sustainable. Any type of event or festival can be both very successful and more sustainable with a minimum amount of effort. It just takes vision and commitment from the organizing group and individuals within that organization.

Creating a sustainable event or festival has many benefits for your organization or business that go beyond just helping to conserve and restore the Earth’s resources. Using local presenters, entertainers or food sources not only benefits the Eco-system, but also has another advantage in that it supports your local economy.

“How To Plan A Sustainable Event” contains many strategies to help organizers to get started. Even if you just chose just one of the strategies to implement for the event or festival you host this year, you can make a positive difference for our environment and planet, plus help to educate more people on the importance of sustainability in their everyday lives.

One can aim towards having a Waste-Free event or festival, but that is a very difficult goal to achieve. Creating a Waste Wise event is an attainable goal for any organizer when you implement even one of the strategies found inside “How To Plan A Sustainable Event”. There are many ways to ensure the most diversion of waste possible for any event or festival you are planning. Indoor events will have some challenges and requirements that are different from the challenges and requirements that need to be met for an outdoor festival. And the reverse is also true.

Every Eco-friendly piece an organization adds to its event or festival helps to decrease some harmful impact to the environment it had in past years.

After experiencing even a first small success at becoming a more Waste Wise festival or event, everyone that contributed to this change will experience a feeling of satisfaction for having taken a step towards creating sustainability in his or her community. You are sure to find that everyone involved will have a suggestion or two on how the next event or festival can be even more sustainable. Many will feel inspired to implement another strategy or two in order to take the next step towards creating an even more sustainable event or festival in the following years.

When visitors and participants see any of the sustainable components suggested in this book in implemented at your event or festival, you know that you will also be educating them about the benefits of sustainability, and leading the way for positive change in your community.

Wouldn’t NOW would be a good time to start planning how to make your Event more sustainable?

There are many components needed to create a sustainable Event. In “How To Plan A Sustainable Event” you will find suggestions and guidelines anyone can use to create a more sustainable Event.

“How To Plan A Sustainable Event” addresses the many levels of sustainability an organization might chose to have as a goal for its Event. It includes practical suggestions for a number of ways to reach the level of sustainability that is right for your Event.