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How To Plan A Sustainable Event On Kindle

The Kindle Version of “How To Plan A Sustainable Event” has been available for about a month.

The paperback version is in review and will be ready by mid-October.

The Commonwheel Art Festival diverted 70% of the waste generated at this year’s festival away from the landfill.

We are very grateful for the many community members who work hard to educate the public and sort the waste items to make this happen.

If you organize any event, consider ways you could divert some waste items from the landfill and have a more sustainable event or festival than in year’s past.

“How To Plan A Sustainable Event” has many simple ideas to get you started.

Transition Town Manitou Springs

Welcome To How To Plan A Sustainable Event

“How to Plan a Sustainable Event” is about to be published on Kindle.

Looking forward to helping others plan and execute their first Waste Wise Event.

June 14, 2014

Wheeled Compost, Recycle & Landfill bins