“How To Plan A Sustainable Event”

Table of Contents


        How This Book Came To Be Written

Chapter 1: What Is a Sustainable Event or Festival?

Chapter 2: Why Create a Sustainable Event/Festival?

        A Sustainable Event Is Welcome In Any Community

        Sustainable Events Make A Difference

        Events Are The Perfect Place To Start Implementing Sustainability

        Enhance Your Organization’s Positive Image.

        Save Money

Chapter 3: Necessary Components for a Sustainable Even or Festival

        Measuring Sustainable Success

        A Different Type of Volunteerism.

Chapter 4: Waste Management

        Proper Waste Management Is The Key Element For A Successful Sustainable Event

        Sanitation Concerns At Outdoor Events

        Limit Paper Use

        Material Use And Distribution

        Event Supplies

        The Presenters

        Lodging Options


        Participant And Vendor Displays

        Powering The Stage

        Food And Beverage Service

        Things To Consider When Choosing A Venue

        Write Sustainable Language Into Your Venue Contract

Chapter 5: Why Recycle?

        Some Interesting Facts About Recycling

        What Happens To Recyclables?

        8 Major Benefits Of Recycling

        #1. Landfilling Is Not A Sustainable Approach To A Healthy Environment.

        #2. Recycling Helps Prevent Pollution.

        #3. Recycling Reduces Worldwide Climate Changes.

        #4. Recycling Saves Our Natural Resources And Protects Wildlife.

        #5. Recycling Is Good For The Economy.

        #6. Recycling Saves Money.

        #7. Recycling Saves Energy

        8. It’s Easy To Do!

Chapter 6: Why Collect and Compost Food Waste?


        Composting Creates By-Products That Can Be Used To Improve The Soil.

        Almost All Food Items Can Be Composted

        Compostable Food Service Items

        Items That Cannot Be Composted


        The Best Way To Handle Liquid Waste

Chapter 7: Case Study-Prime Example Of How to Create A Sustainable Festival

        Commonwheel Artists Labor Day Art Festival As A Case Study

Chapter 8: What Level of Sustainability is the Goal for Your Event?

        Setting Goals

        Action Plan

        Share Your Goals And Plan

        How Will You Measure Your Success?

Chapter 9: What All the Vendors Need to Know

        Getting Started

        During The Event

        Ways to Engage All Of Your Vendors, Not Just Food Vendors

Chapter 10: Food Vendors Are Key Players At A Sustainable Event

        Create Clear Guidelines

        Eco-Friendly Serving Products

        Food Packaging Ideas

        Food Service Concerns For Indoor Or Catered Events

Chapter 11: Waste Collection and Disposal

        Waste Collection Stations

        Where To Locate Waste Collection Stations

        Check and Recheck Again

        Collection Bins

        Liquid Waste


        End of Day Vigilance

        A Short Cautionary Tale

        Items That Must Go To The Landfill

Chapter 12: Volunteers Needed

        Where To Find Volunteers

        Scheduling and Contact Information For Volunteers

        Train Them Well!

        Job Related Items volunteers will need

        How to “Reward” Your Volunteers

Chapter 13: Signage

        Types of Signs Needed

        Printed Programs

        No Programs Are Used At Commonwheel Art Festival

Chapter 14: Press Releases before and after the Event

        Before The Event

        Evaluation After The Event By Participants

        After The Event Evaluate Measurable Successes

        Celebrate Your Success

        Do Another Press Release After The Event

        Express Gratitude

Chapter 15: Lessons learned

        Pictorial Signage Works Best

        Waste Monitor Duties

        Waste Containers

        Rogue Waste Containers

        Special Consideration for Food Vendors’ Needs

        End of Day Caveat

        Bears and Compost Or Any Food Waste

        It Gets Easier and Better Every Year

Chapter 16: Emails, Letters And FaceBook Posts

        Sample Letters

        Invitation To Volunteers

        Letters to Food Vendors And Participants If Not Forewarned

        Letters to Food Vendors And Participants If Forewarned

        Thank You Letters

        Success Announcements

Chapter 17: Resources

        Recyclable And Compostable Service Ware

        Sustainable Lodging


        Sustainable Organizations And Informative Web Sites

        Earth Friendly Promotional Products

        Solar Stages

        Where To Find Volunteers

        Sample Letters

Chapter 18: In Conclusion


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